Alternative Wind Energy

Wind Turbine Blades

Alternative wind energy, the energy that is generated by the sun heating the earth’s atmosphere resulting in wind, is potentially one of the largest sources of electrical energy on earth. The strength of the wind depends on where you are on the planet.

If you are close to the mountains or the sea it tends to be stronger. Researchers are fascinated with developing a technology that will harness the wind at sea as this represents the greatest potential for energy.

Wind energy was one of the earliest forms of natural energy used by man. The early Egyptians built windmills to grind grain and the Chinese used them to pump water.

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Harnessing the wind to produce electricity was first achieved by the Europeans in the mid-20th century. The European wind farms worked on the same principal as the ancient windmills to produce the modern product of electricity.

Wind energy, which is really an extension of solar power, is a vast and inexhaustible source of energy. So long as the sun is in the sky there will be wind.

The highly respected World Energy Council has reported repeatedly that using just 1% of the global wind energy available could satisfy the electrical power needs of the entire planet.

That’s a pretty amazing statement given that we currently burn fossil fuels that are killing the planet with greenhouse gasses and global warming. What little alternative energy we have comes from nuclear power and we all know the risks there, particularly after the disaster of Chernobyl.

The biggest challenge to expanding alternative wind energy farms is placing them where the wind blows long and strong.

Wales and Scotland have large wind farms and in the United States, North Dakota is a favored location. In fact North Dakota has the potential to provide more wind energy than the entire country of Germany.

Germany has been the leader of wind power development in Europe and generates more power than the entire U.S. production. Europe has been the leader in this technology but President Obama made it clear that alternative wind power was a priority for his administration.

It’s not unreasonable to believe that the United States will be a far bigger producer in the coming years.

There are a number of reasons why wind power is a growth industry. Technology costs have dropped dramatically so the cost of creating wind farms has decreased. The cost of fossil fuels has skyrocketed resulting in significantly higher power bills.

Given that there is a finite supply of these carbon based fuels and that we keep depleting the supply, it is likely that their cost will continue to soar.

Finally, a struggling economy has caused everyone, governments, businesses and individuals alike to look for places to cut costs or become more productive.

Once past the start up costs of land and turbines, alternative wind energy is virtually free. The only real cost is modest maintenance on the wind turbines.

This makes having a personal use wind turbine to eliminate residential electric bills a very real possibility.

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